Why do we choose bamboo?

A common theme in all our brushes, and roller frames is that we use bamboo, not wood and definitely not plastic.

There are so many reasons for this, and it all starts from the fact that bamboo isn’t a wood, but a grass.

This means you never chop it and kill it, like you would do for a tree, instead you prune it, and it grows right back. In fact, it grows back at a rate of 2ft a day! The fastest growing plant… In. The. World.

So, it grows back fast, but that also means that roots don’t die and so toxins don’t go into the soil (like they do around a dead tree), because the bamboo roots chew up all the bad stuff and expel lovely oxygen, continuously. Even on a day when they’re pruned back to provide the raw material for our paint brush handles.

It can also be grown on pretty unfriendly slopes where not much else can survive, this utilises farmland space that would otherwise go to waste.

And to top it off, it’s biodegradable, which means if, heaven forbid, it should end up in landfill, it will gradually degrade naturally.

But practically, what’s the difference to Dave on a cold rainy day in Bolton and he just needs a brush to paint a wall? Well, apart from being a talking point than can help him win a few jobs with his eco decorating tools, it’s much lighter than wood which will make a difference when it’s in hand and he’s painting coving with his hands reaching for the skies all day.

So there’s not much to not like about bamboo, which is why we’ll continue to use it in as many products as possible, though we may draw the line at bamboo dust sheets.

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