The search for Neutral

When we began running our company, we wanted to paint a better future; this meant we had to be carbon neutral. To do this, we had to look long and hard at our supply chain to make sure each step had as little carbon footprint as possible. 

Here’s how it works with our paint trays.

Our paint trays are unique. They are light, durable and strong enough to hold a whole tin of paint or, if you prefer, 6 bottles of beer. They are made from leftover sugarcane pulp, called bagasse (, a 100% recycled waste material, so they don’t deplete any natural resources. When you’ve finished painting you don’t have to wash them out, you let the paint dry and then use them again the next day, easy. Not only that, if you use eco-friendly paint (link here to paint you recommend like: ) then they are also bio-degradable!

That’s not all. The sugarcane is grown in Thailand on co-op farms where they support young farmers to start their own businesses. As well as using the leftover sugarcane pulp to make bagasse, they also use it as a fuel source to power the factory. If there is any excess energy, it is fed into the national grid, making the whole process carbon negative!

Once the bagasse has been formed into sheets, they are then made into our paint trays. This is done at a BSCI Certified factory, which means they are assessed annually for social and environmental impact. Any remaining carbon credits we create to transport the final product to the UK are then offset. This ensures that we uphold our environmental credentials in taking our trays from farm to consumer. 

To offset the carbon we create, we have chosen to work with Climate Partner ( They are an incredibly innovative organisation that help companies like ours with action on climate change.

A core value of ours is that people, planet, and profit should hold equal importance in our business. This meant we wanted to offset our carbon credits against a people-focused project, so we chose to support clean cooking stoves in Rwanda. This means that you can have a clear conscience that every time you paint your home with a carbon-neutral tray, a family in Rwanda is also cooking meals using clean fuel. 

This is one way we are painting a better future together!

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