Made in Britain Brushes

Handcrafted Great British brushes

Brushes used to be made to last a lifetime. We want to bring that back.

We’ve made a decision to make things local wherever possible. That’s why we’ve invested in bringing our brush manufacturing back to good ol’ Britain. Brush making is an art that is only really appreciated by the end user when they’re up to their elbows in paint.

All our brushes are:

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Made in Britain Ecobrush range

Our Made in Britain range is handcrafted here in the UK by three generations of brush makers. These brushes are made with care and designed to last a lifetime with a secret filament assembly that only brush geeks would understand.

Test it out – we think they are unbeatable.

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Brush features

The line up


Width: 25mm

Thickness: 11mm

Perfect for furniture restoration or other precise, detailed painting where minimal paint is required.


Width: 38mm

Thickness: 13mm

A great middle ground brush, also good for cornering and detailed painting work.


Width: 50mm

Thickness: 14mm

The all-round brush, able to be used in all painting scenarios for a smooth finish and easy painting.


Width: 64mm

Thickness: 16mm

An all rounder with plenty of scope to cover a large area quickly.


Width: 75mm

Thickness: 17mm

Solid size for good chunks of painting including over rougher, textured surfaces.


Width: 100mm

Thickness: 20mm

Great for getting lots of paint down in a big space, fencing work, or even wallpaper pasting.


Angle Sash

Width: 38mm

Thickness: 13mm

Angle sash brushes are designed for tight spaces and neat lines, great for window/door frames and getting into all the nooks.


Angle Sash

Width: 50mm

Thickness: 14mm

As the 1.5” but slightly bigger. Both with a stubby handle, fitting in hand perfectly for men and women.

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