Painters against Plastic

We had a simple goal; to make our company as environmentally friendly as possible. We wanted to make all our products recyclable and be carbon neutral.  

Sounds easy, right?

It turns out it’s not as straightforward as we thought, but it’s okay; we’re up for a challenge!  

It seems plastic is everywhere, and you can’t even buy a banana without fighting through the single-use plastic film. Each buying decision appears to have an element of virgin plastic somewhere. Each click on the ‘buy now’ button adds another item into the ever-growing landfill.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Buying eco-friendly products should be the norm; it should be mainstream; it should be simple. Our industry is one of the main culprits in using single-use, virgin plastic. Paint trays, plastic dust sheets and a million types of plastic paintbrushes are thrown away every year in the UK. 

We can do better; for the sake of the next generation, we must do better. We want to change our industry, one recycled product at a time. Our company is called Eco-Union, and our goal is that the ‘Eco’ part of our name becomes redundant.  We long for a time when all products, across the whole industry, are eco friendly. That is why we are launching ‘Painters Against Plastic’ with the aim of removing all virgin plastic from our industry. 

‘Painters Against Plastic’ isn’t a company or a brand; it’s an idea. An idea to end single-use plastic in our industry and leave a better planet for our kids and grandkids. We can’t change the whole industry overnight, but we can make a small change today.

Will you join us?

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