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Lick do eco paint, and we do eco brushes, so when they approached us to create their own branded range of sustainable decorating tools, we jumped at the chance.

Now, nearly 2 years later, they have grown into one of the hottest brands in the UK, and they have become our biggest customer.

So, we thought it was time to show the love…

Great paint.

  • The first to create peel and stick swatches which are significantly better for the environment in comparison to the nasty tester pots.
  • A unique low VOC is best in class in water-based paint, meaning way fewer chemicals, and totally vegan.
  • Mixed to order right here in the UK means that there is no storage aspect and superfast turnaround orders.

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Great wallpaper.

  • The best range of prints and designs for all tastes, and an excellent community to help with the decision making.
  • FSC certified and EU sourced only.
  • An incredible self-adhesive wallpaper – game changing for a quick, hassle-free job.

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Great tools.

  • Multi pack kits, unique to Lick with everything you need in one order.
  • Exclusive 4” biodegradable Eco trays, not available anywhere else in the UK
  • Guaranteed supply chain via our B Corp certified network.

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Multi room paint kit

Greatest sustainability creds.

This is the best bit! Look at these whopping stats, made possible by simply making the right choices…

29,413kg plastic removed from the ocean

– equivalent to 367,659 plastic bottles.

6,914 trees planted – equivalent to 98 football pitches.

6,914 trees planted – equivalent to 98 football pitches.
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Head on over to for a closer look.

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