Our mission:

To provide eco decorating tools that are sustainable without compromise.

eco union roller tray and frame

Keeping DIY tools out of landfill

We strive to replace, where feasible, consumer products that continue to deplete the world’s natural resources, such as those made from plastic, metal and wood; in doing so we endeavour to make all goods compostable, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

Who are we?

We are Joel and Nikki Buckley, the owners of Eco Union. We’ve got four children and a dog and we believe that family comes before even the most sustainable paintbrush!

Our first sustainable business was in 2006 and we’ve not looked back since, developing products that have stood the test of time while always using the mantra ‘Sustainability without compromise’.

We’re based in the heart of Devon and have a passionate team working with us, constantly looking at innovation in both the industry and in the eco world, coming up with ways to make better products in better ways.

our ethical policy 21/22

Ethical Policy

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